Comments to the Cases

Dear participants! 

We draw your attention to the adjustments and the explanations to the cases of the Final stage! (The adjustments are highlighted in red in the texts). 

Case 1: Reference values of the hemostasiogram have been added. 

Case 2: Corrected units of measurement. 

Case 6: Corrected data of the CBС for 08.2017, explained measurement of portal pressure, added a new question to the case. 

Commentary on Case 4: When analysing the percentiles, use values as for 18 years patient. 

Commentary on Attachment №1 (Case 3): Open the folder eFilmLite, there is a file which is called eFilmLt.exe. 
Please, pay attention, there are three different pictures (E 5423, 35963, 35676). 
there are different modes inside every picture(when you click the left button on the screen).