Cases of Final stage are published!

Cases of the final round of III International Medical Tournament.

In the final round of III International Medical Tournament participants will present their solutions to other teams and experts. Teams should prepare presentation and extended solutions in text.

Participants can refuse of one of cases in each day of the final round.

Solution requirements (from the Rules):

3.11.1 The team accepting the Challenge chooses one person (the Speaker), who presents his team’s case’s solution in free form. Duration of the presentation is no longer than 10 minutes. It is strongly recommended to prepare presentations in MS PowerPoint 97-03 .ppt or .pdf  format. MS PowePoint .pptx format is not recommended due to problems with appearance it may cause.

3.11.3 The Expert Commission should be provided with the extended solution (6 pages A4 max, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, 14 pt) by the beginning of the presentation. Extended solutions should include reference list .