The first day of the Tournament is finished!

April 20 was the opening ceremony of the V International Medical Tournament!

Every year the Tournament attracts more and more new participants and experts and still interesting for all who pacticipated for 2nd ,3rd time even . for the title of the best minds and skills will compete 24 teams from Russia, Germany, Serbia, and also for the first time participants from Poland, Ireland . 21st , 22nd and 23rd of April 12 teams will compete in the English-language league and 12 teams in the Russian-speaking league.

Also this year we decided to move away from the traditional quiz for the first day, which is necessary for the planing of teams, where the participants passed a popular science quest. Before that, all the participants were mixed into new groups, thus we simplified the process of acquaintance of participants with each other. by the renewed composition they passed 13 interesting stations, at which experts checked knowledge of clinical disciplines and practical skills. From the most interesting, a forensic medical examination station was made , where, according to the real description of the forensic expert, the act was preformed by some actors . After the examination of the "body" the participants had to give diagnose within 5 minutes. In addition, the surgical skills on the models were checked for speed and prefection.

You can see the results of the quest here: for the Russian league and for the English league.