To enter the Correspondence stage of the VI IMT please follow this instruction:

1. Create a team

A team must consist of 4 or 5 members. Each team member must either be an undergraduate medical student (4th to 6th year preferably) or study in postgraduation medical program (residency) having graduated in 2017. Only one member of the team may be a postgraduate student. All participants of the Tournament must be younger than 30 years (age limitation isn’t applied in case the participant hasn’t gotten a medical degree yet).

2. Fill in the registation questionnaire

3. Send your Correspondence stage solutions before February 11, 2019.

To participate in the correspondence stage of the tournament you must send solutions of two cases out of three which were proposed(at your choice). If a team solves all three cases, the total score will include the highest scores only from two cases.

The cases of the correspondence stage requirements:

  • I) Solutions of the cases must be represented by two documents:
    • 1. A presentation of a short solution in Power point format(.ppt/pptx/pdf). The presentation can include no more than 10 slides;
    • 2. An expended solution with justifications and comments in Microsoft Office format(.doc/docx/pdf). It can include no more than 6 pages A4, 1.0 interval, Times New Roman, 12 size, centered text alignment. An expended solution must include a list of reference.
  • II) You should write a case's name follow the next example: "a number of a case" _ " a team's name".
  • III) The text of the cases and the presentation mustn't include the name of the team or special University's symbols to ensure the anonymity of checking.

Send your Correspondence stage solutions to eng.medtourn@gmail.com (for english-speaking league) or to rus.medtourn@gmail.com (for russian-speaking league) before February 11, 2019 (23:59 in Moscow time zone UTC +3:00 ).

The best teams will be invited in the Final stage to Novosibirsk in April 2019

The final stage of the VI International Medical Tournament will be held between 19-22 April 2019 in Novosibirsk (Russia) on the basis of Novosibirsk State University. 
In the final stage of the Tournament, 12 teams take part in each league, who scored the highest points according to the rating of the correspondence stage under the following conditions: 

1.Teams of the correspondence stage who represent countries for the first time, regardless of the results of the correspondence stage, go to the final stage of the tournament, according to the "Welcome rule" (During last years participated: Russia, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Serbia).

2. In the final stage of the Russian-speaking league, only one team from the university can participate. If, by the results of the correspondence stage in the Russian-speaking league, several teams from the University go through the rating by one, only one team with a higher score will be invited to the final stage. The rule does not apply to mixed teams in which 2 or more participants are not students of the university. If the university team refuses to participate in the final stage, the preference in the reserve list will be given to the team from the same University with the corresponding position in the rating.