Expert Feedback

359_big_Bergen“Dear future and current colleagues! I am very impressed by such a great amount of interested young doctors! The participants had a chance to choose specialization and for those who have already made a decision about their future profession it was a chance to train their clinical thinking. This tournament can be the start of your career. It was a great pleasure to realize that most of the participants were very responsible players, therefore I believe they will make good doctors in the future.

I would like to address to the participants who were not pleased with my evaluations. It was a big honor for me to be a judge. According my positions as a judge I could not give any benefits for the age factor or unfinished degree. My principal opinion  was to perceive the teams as colleagues equal to me, and clinical cases as real clinical situations, where the priсe of a doctor`s mistake is a patient`s life.  Every day in our real life you give answers to the same questions and it is a huge responsibility to be a doctor. In my area of expertise, I see good and unsuccessful therapy results. For me as a part of the jury, this game reminded me that if you are a doctor you have to study every day of your professional life.

I would like to thank everybody for such fantastic emotions. See you next year.”

Tatyana Bergen tbergen@yandex.ru