Abоut International Medical Tournament

International Medical Tournament is a team competition for future doctors, which provides unique professional experience  such as solving complex diagnostic cases from real clinical practice without any risks, presentation and discussion of solutions among students and experts.

The main goal of the competition is to help medical students gather and develop lacking skills for future medical practice, critical thinking in diagnostic process, abilities of teamwork, presentation and rhetorical skills. Also IMT is aimed at establishing international contacts among students and universities and spreading medical knowledge over the world.


Teams of undergraduate medical students (4-6 terms preferable) are invited to participate in IMT. One of the team members may be graduated in 2015 student (studies in postgraduate medical program – residency). All participants of the Tournament must be younger than 30 years.

Structure and participation

The Tournament consists of correspondence (1st) and final (2nd) rounds and two leagues (Russian-speaking and English-speaking).3jfl-nIihiM

For participation in correspondence round participants should register their team here and send their solutions of extramural round cases until 6st of February 2017 to medtourn@gmail.com
(For registry in Russian league see this page)

12 teams in each league which developed the best solutions of correspondence cases will receive invitations to Novosibirsk, Russia, for participation in final round in April 2017.

Organization committeeDSC_1337-300x199

Project “Medical Tournament” was formed by students of Medical Department of Novosibisk State University with backing by V. Potanin Foundation. First Medical Tournament took place in Novosibirsk Academgorodok in the year of 2014. The Tournament engages more and more medical students each year. For instance, it attracts more than 70 teams from different districts of Russia, Germany and Serbia in previous year. Later that year “Medical Tournament” was rewarded as “the best project of 2015” by V. Potanin Foundation.

“Medical Tournament” is a socially oriented voluntary project, which aimed at development of  international community of highly skilled and motivated doctors.