Problems of correspondence round

Requirements for solutions. black-and-grey-question-mark-hi-202x300

  • The solution of each problem should be presented in two following documents:
    1. PowerPoint (.ppt or pdf) presentation: brief solution (no more than 10 slides)
    2. Microsoft Office document (.doc or pdf): text solution with the validations and comments (no more than 5 pages).
  • The files should be named like: “case number” _ “the team name “
  • Text and presentation should not contain the name of the team or any university or city symbols in order to ensure anonymity of correspondence round.
  • For participation in the correspondence round, please provide the solutions of at least two of the three proposed problems (according to your choice). If the team solves all three problems, the total score is accumulated by two best solutions.

We are waiting for your solutions of problems on our e-mail teams@medtourn.ru before 21 of February 2016

Download problems of correspondence round IMT2016